My work explores aspects of human existence and how they are informed by the sum total of the experiences of the individual. I endeavour to capture and represent certain truths in their relation to human psychology. I am interested in studying the behavior of human beings with regard to the worlds they live in. 


Currently, I am exploring aspects of memory, how it affects and relates to the world we live in.

We live in dense times, made up by endless layers of human activity, that keep shifting and changing with the inexorable forward march of time. As we negotiate these transforming layers we hold on to traces of the past, material and immaterial, claiming our place in history and establishing the lineage of those who have gone before us. This tenuous relationship we have with the past is something we substantiate through word and image, through personal and public documents.


I feel that the growing proliferation of electronic methods of recording data, as well as the pace with which the structure and culture of society is changing, are deeply influencing and affecting natural mnemonic ability, especially in young people. I have observed the direct corelation between social media, the instability of life today, and memory in myself and my peers, and therefore felt the urge to comment on this somehow. My meditations on this situation have led me to reflect on the unusual qualities of the memories thus affected, in my work.

I use various techniques and media to bring out the intangibility, malleability, fluxive and, particularly, the visual nature of memory, and to represent the coalescence of different pieces of knowledge. I have attempted to reflect on the experience of remembering, like when I come across veiled or completely inaccessible memories, or memories coming to me in fragments, through the techniques of tearing, layering, hiding and revealing. The use of found images in my work is my study of the fictive and malleable nature of memory, together with the ability to create associations that familiarise the visual with something that has been experienced.


In addition to my freelance practice in graphic design, I also hold the position of Creative Group Head by day at Pentagon Communications in Bangalore. Formerly I was a Creative Manager at Myntra Designs. Prior to my current position, I freelanced and worked with various companies in India ranging from animation to advertising and graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, where I acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree in Painting. I indulge my fascination for visual art through experimentation, closely working with experiential and material forms.


Born and raised in Bangalore, India, my foray into the arts was an unexpected one. Originally studying to be a neurosurgeon, I finally opted for my other love, art, when the time came to make a decision. The choice was the right one. Indulging my love for all things creative since then, I have also studied and worked in the fields of production design, animation and graphic design, and have now decided to enrich my knowledge and experience with a thorough grounding in Fine Art.


I enjoy playing with media to create delicate effects in my work, and pay close attention to the process of making, working heavily with my hands. I love exploring unknown materials and techniques to achieve the desired effects, the concept of my work being my main priority.